Angel Wings

She's an Angel and her name is Maggie, but she wants to be something special.  Maggie must earn her wings to become what she really wants to be, a Guardian Angel. The beautiful story and glorious illustrations make this book a special gift for angel lovers and angel collectors of ALL AGES. 

Written by Pam Van Scoyoc        
Illustrated by Susenne Telage

ISBN 0-9663629-1-8       $16.95           Reviews  |  Buy autographed book

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NEW ! Angel Wings CD:
A dramatic reading of the beautiful picture book, Angel Wings and the soft sweet sounds of Maggie;s song available on CD.   It's the perfect addition to the book about a little red-headed angel.  The art is amazing jewel tone colors of purple and teal and the story so sweetly comforting. Get it autoghaphed, because "Everybody deserves and Angel."

 $7.95 + shipping                                     Reviews  |  Buy CD 

The Ballerina With Webbed Feet /
La Bailarina Palmípeda

Pattie Patty loves to dance ballet. Can a duck dance?  What will it take to become a beautiful ballerina? Find out what REAL friends do.  Will she ever be a graceful ballerina?  Will she ever be happy with who she is?

This book is bilingual, English and Spanish.

Written by Pam Van Scoyoc       
Illustrated by R. J. Lewis        
Translated by Diane E. Teichman

ISBN 0-9663629-2-6   $ 16.98              Reviews  |  Buy autographed book

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NEW ! The Ballerina with Webbed Feet CD:
The CD includes a dramatic reading of the delightfully whimsical picture book read in English and in Spanish.  Also included is two original songs written by Terrell Mizell for the bilingual children's musical, The Ballerina with Webbed Feet. March to the misfit antics of the Geese Brigade or whirl and twirl to Pattie Patty's song, Who I Am.  Enjoy clips from the musical performance of Katy Visual and Performing Arts Center's Books Alive: Literacy through the Arts program.  Add this wonderful CD to an autographed book for a very special gift to a very special child.

 $10.95 + shipping                              Reviews  |  Buy CD 

I Could Catch a Whale /
Yo Podría Pescar Una Ballena

Andy wants to go fishing, but everyone is too busy.  That doesn’t stop him from imagining the marvelous outrageous sea creatures he would catch, if he could just go fishing.

Written by Pam Van Scoyoc      
Illustrated by R. J. Lewis       
Translated by Silvia Santillán-Cruz

ISBN 0-9663629-5-0   $16.98                Reviews  |  Buy autographed book

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Free Ring Tones::.

Who I am 1
Who I am 2
Geese Brigade